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  • 執筆者の写真Naoko Suga

あなたのカラダを守るのは誰か?Who protects your body?










Who protects your body? Brain and Body It is your brain that protects your body. The country, the law, your family, and your friends are all essential to your life, but they do not protect your body. Ultimately, it is your brain that governs your own "working cells" and influences your actions. It is your brain that makes decisions. As a child, your parents were angry at you if you didn't go to bed and play when it was bedtime, but as an adult, no one pays attention to you. No one is monitoring your sleep all the time. You can stay up as long as you want, depending on your mood. The Power of Natural Healing As an adult, no one will teach you how to protect your body if you don't think about it yourself. However, humans have the power of natural healing in the first place. So, let's make the most of the power of natural healing that we are born with. You are the professional of your body. It is your brain that knows the condition of your body on a daily basis, and it is not something that can be taught from the outside. You are the professional of your body. Take the signals from your body seriously in your daily life and proactively do what is good for your body. To do this, it is important to first be prepared, that is, your brain is aware of your body. If your brain is only conscious of things other than your body, with all your energy and guts, you may not notice the signals from your "working cells". Your brain, as a professional, should balance the offensive and defensive aspects of your body. If you are only on the offensive, your natural healing power will be depleted and when an enemy such as a cold strikes, not only will you not be able to fight it, but the virus will take over your body. If you think your "working cells" are working too hard, let your brain and body get some "rest. Even just lying down to rest a little or taking a 10-minute nap is a much-needed break for your tired cells. How you rest should be in harmony with your lifestyle at the time, so start with what you can do now. If you perceive rest as an "active defense" that your brain provides to your body, you will be able to expect the best performance during the coming offensive phase.





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