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What will you wear tonight? Bedclothes, pajamas, underwear, or nothing at all? Japanese people's lifestyles have changed dramatically, and their sleeping habits have become more diverse. Sleeping arrangements vary from tatami mats and futons to beds and blankets. Gorillas and chimpanzees make new beds out of branches and other materials every night. The clothes we wear to sleep have also become more varied, with people wearing T-shirts and shorts, pajamas, underwear, or nudity, depending on their preferences. Regional and Seasonal Temperature Differences The Japanese archipelago is long, stretching from 24 degrees north latitude in the south to 46 degrees north latitude in the north, and temperature and humidity vary considerably from season to season depending on where you live: in the mountains, in basins, or along the coast. On the other hand, for humans, who are thermostatic animals, the temperature inside the bed remains constant throughout the seasons. The temperature inside the bed is maintained at about 31 degrees Celsius, the same as the peripheral skin temperature. Even if the temperature differs from season to season, humans can maintain a comfortable sleep regardless of the season by adjusting their skin temperature with clothing. Sweating in Sleep It is known that during sleep, children perspire 250 ml, and even the elderly perspire more than 150 ml. Especially in summer, the back of the head and the back area, which have many parts in contact with bedding and are prone to heat production, perspire a lot. Also, in winter, cold shoulders and back make it difficult to fall asleep. It may be a good idea to adjust your sleeping environment according to the season and be aware of the clothing you wear when you sleep. What will you wear tonight? By the way, last summer, my children's sleepwear was “Jinbei”. They liked the relaxed, airy, and comfortable feel of the cotton. Jinbei is a bit of a boom for me. I wish there was a winter jinbei that would fit the coming season, but do you have any recommendations for a nightgown that would fit the winter season?





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