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  • 執筆者の写真Naoko Suga

最も有効な投資とは?What is the most valuable investment?






自分を丁寧に扱ってください。他人の人を大切にしてください。(Treat yourself well. Cherish others.)








What is the most valuable investment?

When we think of investments, we think of the need for funds, but the most valuable investments for you do not require funds. You don't even need an account to invest. All you need is wisdom and knowledge.

The most important and valuable investment in your life is simply your life. Prioritize "Life" as the most important and valuable thing in your life. In the first place, human life is just given to us, so we tend to take it for granted. Especially when you are young, you don't think deeply about life, so you don't care about the value of your life, your life, in your daily life.

Steve Jobs' last words.

Treat yourself well. Cherish others.

The important thing about this statement is that the "yourself" comes first. It is easy to make a mistake and think that by making others happy, you will be happy. You have no control over other people. So, first look to yourself, who you can control. Treat yourself with care, and as a result, you will naturally be more caring to those around you.

By the time you realize your self-sacrifice, it will be too late.

You may realize the importance of life when it is too late, because you have neglected it through continuous self-sacrifice. Life cannot be bought back. There is no such thing as a life that can be sacrificed. If you feel that you are living a life of self-sacrifice, stop and think about it. If you can't spare the time to do so, then perhaps you need to take a moment to stop and think "now" even more so.

How to live in the now

First of all, how you live in this moment is important. Rather than worrying about the far future, how we live in the here-and-now is more important. The future lies ahead, not here. If you want to treat yourself well, treat your "now" situation with care.

Recognize that life is finite.

Life is finite. The youngest time in your future life is now. Your focus on your own time and treating yourself with care is not a selfish act. By first treating yourself, you will be able to treat others with care as well. Any kind of treat is fine. Treat your senses. Just lying around is also a great reward. Good output comes from good input.





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