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For Sleepless Nights, Try moxibustion on your favorite acupuncture points. There are group names for acupoints, and the names of acupoints have meanings. So-called "acupoints" are general terms, and are officially called "meridians". Acupuncture points are located on the 14 "meridians," which are the names of the groups to which acupuncture points belong. The "meridians" are recognized in the vertical direction, i.e., from the head to the feet, and the acupuncture points are located along this route. In other words, the meridians are like a highway and the acupuncture points are like interchanges. If there is a traffic jam at a particularly important acupuncture point, the entire body will become stagnant and unwell. There are a total of 361 acupuncture points throughout the body that are commonly found in humans as defined by WHO. In addition to the acupuncture points on the meridians, there are other acupuncture points called qi-an (奇穴) and aze-an (阿是穴). In kianyaku, acupuncture points have names and are assigned to specific areas and main treatments, whereas in aze-ana, there is no name or area assigned to the acupuncture point. but it is treated as a therapeutic point. If you have trouble sleeping at night, we recommend the Qian Ana (奇穴) "loss of sleep". The "loss of sleep" is located in the middle of the heel on the sole of the foot and is a good point for moxibustion. The main treatment for “loss of sleep” is insomnia, and it is also effective for coldness and swelling of the lower limbs. The moxibustion suitable for self-care is called pedestal moxibustion. Pedestal moxa is a type of moxa that is put on with a sticker. Peel off the sticker at the bottom of the moxa, light the pedestal moxa like you light an incense stick, and put it on the middle of the heel. It will slowly become hot and the tension in your body will relax. If you feel that the moxa is too hot, you will burn yourself. In that case, please remove the seal and stop applying the moxa as needed. In the coming cold season in the morning and evening, how about warming up your body with moxibustion and going to sleep in a relaxed mood at night when your toes are cold and you cannot sleep?



For Sleepless Nights, Try moxibustion





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