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眠気と信頼の関係について The Relationship Between Sleepiness and Trust










The Relationship Between Sleepiness and Trust Why We Need Adequate Sleep The end of the year is almost upon us. The month of December is approaching, which is known as the month when priests run from east to west to perform the sutra (kyou). We find ourselves with a packed schedule at night, and as a result, our precious sleep time is cut short and our performance during the daytime somehow declines. Here, I would recommend you to keep in mind that you should be proactive in your daily life to ensure that the trust you have built up is not destroyed in an instant by a little sleepiness. In other words, you must raise the priority of sleep so that your credit rating as an grown-up does not perish. This is not so much for the growth of your body, but rather to secure the trust that is necessary as a human being living in a collective society.

The Trap of Falling Asleep at Meetings Until recently, daytime sleepiness was treated as if it were the work of the devil of sleep, called "sui-ma" (sleep demon). Even today, if you watch a live broadcast of the Japanese Diet in the afternoon, you will see Diet members who are still cocked up in the middle of the day. There is a story that Steve Jobs fired a Japanese employee on the spot when he fell asleep at a meeting. If Steve Jobs saw the Japanese Diet, he would be surprised. It is reasonable to think that these people who are sleeping soundly cannot be entrusted with a major task. It is difficult to rebuild trust that disappears in an instant. Even if you have worked hard day in and day out to achieve results and build trust, that one sleepy moment can destroy the trust you have built up. Today's modern society is built on trust. In a world of fake news, the value of trust as a human being may rise, but it will never fall.

Sleepiness and hangover are the same

Sleepiness due to sleep deprivation is the same as the hangover state. One study found that 14 days of 6 hours of sleep is equivalent to 48 hours of sleep deprivation. In terms of alcohol, this is equivalent to the cognitive decline caused by about one to two gulps of sake. It is a shock to anyone to see a person dozing off with a hangover during an important assignment. This is why we always recommend that those who expect high performance take active rest on a regular basis. As we start to get busier, be proactive in securing sleep time and earn your own trust points!





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