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  • 執筆者の写真Naoko Suga

究極の癒しとは? What is Ultimate Healing?












What is Ultimate Healing? Relaxation When you think of "healing" or "relaxation," what do you imagine? Perhaps you think of body care and reflexology to relieve stress. In fact, according to the 2020 Covid-19 Disaster, body care and reflexology have a domestic market of 100 billion yen, and "healing" is in demand by many people. In need of healing. Everyone wants to be healed, and it is not a special treat in this day and age. In fact, people are always looking for healing. As long as humans live, it is the natural order of things that stress and fatigue accumulate. And to relieve stress, we seek healing. Therefore, we have probably adopted "sleep" into our daily lives as the ultimate healing to the point of losing awareness.

Words from Macbeth In Shakespeare's play "Macbeth," there is a saying, "The innocent sleep. Balm of hurt minds. Chief nourisher in life's feast." We can see that since Shakespeare's time, sleep has been regarded as the ultimate nourishment for humans. It has always been the same for humans to fulfill our basic needs, such as wanting to eat sweets irresistibly when we are stressed out, or just sleeping through the day. Healing anywhere, anyone, anytime Sleep is the ultimate nourishment and healing, available anywhere, to anyone, at any time. At the same time, sleep is supposed to be a part of our lives, but it is also the first thing to be cut back when we can no longer afford it. Daring to be conscious and securing sleep for "unconscious time" may be the best healing and reward in life. Healing and growing in body and mind. When we think in terms of "offense and defense," healing is often thought of as a passive "defensive" action, but in fact, the body and mind actively grow while sleeping. This is obvious if you look at a baby. You too should dare to sleep as your own aggressive growth strategy. It is an unequivocal truth that sleep is the best healer, as King Macbeth proved from Shakespeare's time.





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