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  • 執筆者の写真Naoko Suga






What is very valuable when it is difficult to keep up?

I have been out of posting for a while, but will resume posting again at my own pace.

I am by nature bored, so I sometimes find it a bit difficult to keep doing the same thing at the same pace for a long time. As I get older, I realize that in order to continue to do things, I need to take a break from time to time. Taking a break, in turn, allows me to continue, which is a bit of a contradiction at first glance, but it's a slightly more convenient way of thinking that I don't have to do the same things at the same pace. Still, it seemed better to do so when I captured the significance of posting in the big picture. The biggest benefit of taking a break was that I was able to clear my head of all the clutter.

Being able to do the same thing at the same pace is not a natural skill that anyone can do; it is actually a skill to excel at. Taking a break is not a bad thing; it is a very important part of human life. If you try to force yourself to continue doing it, it will gradually become a struggle and you won't be able to continue. Of course, in a situation where you are not forcing yourself, you can continue without being overloaded. Taking a rest is the same kind of feeling as, for example, sleeping, in which humans sleep every night to rest their brains, which are working continuously. Humans may not be inherently creatures that can stay awake all the time and keep doing the same thing. It is not in vain that sleep, as a time of unconsciousness, is an integral part of our daily lives.

Also, when major changes occur, it is sometimes easier to cope with change better if you do not continue to do the same things at the same pace. If we focus too much on continuing, we tend to have difficulty accepting change. In fact, it is when the brain is in a resting state that great ideas can be sparked. I would like to continue posting at my own pace, viewing taking a break as preparation for the next stage.





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