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質の高い睡眠に大事な3つのコツ Three important tips for quality sleep



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② 耳


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Three important tips for quality sleep Focus on the quality of sleep Generally speaking, when we talk about sleep, we tend to focus only on the amount of time we sleep, how long we slept. In fact, quality is just as important as length in improving the state of your sleep. When evaluating sleep, there are a wide variety of indicators to measure sleep, including sleep depth and sleep rhythm. In this article, we will discuss three important tips for improving sleep quality. They all involve the sensory nervous system and involve reducing external stimuli to promote smooth sleep.

1) Eyes The light that has the greatest effect on sleep is the light that enters through the eyes. You can measure the brightness of a room with an illuminance meter at 100 to 200 lux, which is about the same darkness as that of a cozy café. It is recommended to prepare for sleep by darkening the room as much as possible about 30 minutes before going to bed. It is also a good idea to create a night-like atmosphere with indirect lighting or candlelight.

2) Ears Next, what is important is the silence that comes in through the ears. If you are not comfortable with silence, you can listen to familiar sounds until you fall asleep. In that case, however, set a timer or something similar so that there is no sound during the deep sleep stage. In the unconscious sleep stage, all sounds disturb sleep as noise.

3) Skin Make the temperature and humidity comfortable. Since comfortable temperature and humidity vary slightly from person to person, it is not necessary to control them uniformly by a numerical value. Set a temperature and humidity level that you feel comfortable with. Some people set the air conditioning on a timer only when they go to bed, but it is better to keep the room temperature fixed during sleep as much as possible.

While the cortex is the main active part of the brain during wakefulness, it is the hypothalamus, located in the innermost part of the brain, that controls sleep. To get the hypothalamus to prepare for sleep at the unconscious level, it is better to take the approach of gently working on the hypothalamus through the five senses, rather than commanding it to sleep through the conscious mind. We encourage you to start using your senses tonight to improve the quality of your sleep.



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