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  • 執筆者の写真Naoko Suga

ご機嫌は伺うのではなく、作るものMoods are made, not asked for











Moods are made, not asked for Children laugh because they have fun When you look at children, they are laughing happily. When children are playing innocently and having a good time, the people around them naturally become relaxed. Seeing children's innocent smiles makes us so happy that we forget about our silly worries. Grown-up are fun because they laugh. However, when you become a grown-up, "not having fun" becomes the norm, and you tend to unconsciously become grumpy and lead a tasteless life without a care in the world. We naturally lose the ability to be excited and enjoy whatever we do as we did when we were children. This is to some extent to be expected as we get older, but that is where it is important to dare to incorporate laughter into our daily living. Innocent children laugh because it is fun, but grown-ups, who tend to be surrounded by negative vibes, laugh because it is fun. It is more natural to think that the innocence of the grown-ups is consciously made. Therefore, it is necessary to make an effort to actively incorporate laughter in daily life of grown-ups. You make your own good mood. The sudden onset of the Covid-19 hit hard and unexpectedly enforced behavioral restrictions made many of us feel uneasy. As the behavioral restrictions dragged on, stress gradually built up. However, there were some who dared to incorporate laughter into their stay-home life and enjoyed their days with behavioral restrictions. For example, there were those who welcomed the change by trying new hobbies and actively adopting a different lifestyle from the one they were used to. In those days, everyone was anxious and fearful about unknown infectious diseases and tended to be grumpy. Even in such an environment, those who were not blaming the environment or surrounding circumstances, but rather making their own mood and enjoying a life with behavioral restrictions, spent their time with a smile, even with the Covid-19.

Gather smiles and keep distance from jealousy and anger. As the Japanese saying goes, "Good fortune comes to those who smile." When you are surrounded by laughter, happy chi comes to those around you. And the negative vibes of jealousy and anger naturally fade away. Of course, in order to be surrounded by laughter, we need to make a conscious effort to incorporate laughter into our lives in the beginning. But anyone can bring in good fortune simply by being conscious of laughter in what they say and how they act. Cover your personal space with good fortune. Cover your personal space with good fortune, even if it is only within few feet of you. Then the negative vibes of jealousy and anger cannot penetrate your personal space. It is up to you how you color your personal space. Smile and bring in good fortune. A blessed your life is actually the ultimate work of art that you have created yourself. And children who can do this naturally are a precious asset to society, so we should cherish them as much as we do our own.



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