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現代人はすべてにおいて、TOO MUCH。無意識でも、過度な負担がカラダを酷使しているのです。今の時代を生き抜いているだけでも、十分に脳もカラダも頑張っているのです。昼のスキマ時間にちょこっとシエスタを取り入れて、自分だけのオフモードを楽しみましょう。酷暑といわれる季節ですが、ちょこっとシエスタで楽しみながら日本の夏を乗り越えましょう!

Siesta in the Japanese Summer

In the coming season, the combination of temperature and humidity tends to make sleep more difficult. Around the time of the summer solstice, the time between sunrise and sunset is long, so we are subconsciously exposed to strong sunlight during the day. As a result, it tends to take longer to fall asleep because natural sleepiness does not come at night.

During these times, it is a good idea to take a siesta during the daytime. A siesta can be as simple as meditating for 10 minutes. The effect will be enough. In English, a siesta is also called a power nap. A nap during the day is very good for improving performance in the afternoon.

Rather than spending a restless day, take a break during the daytime and dare to rest your body. Resetting yourself is a habit that you should definitely adopt as a form of proactive self-care. By living a life of on and off, your nighttime sleep will come more smoothly.

Regions where the custom of siesta, taking a nap at noon, has long been practiced are those with high daytime temperatures. Even in Japan these days, summers are as hot as in the tropics. Even if it is difficult to take a long siesta like those in Asia and southern Europe, simply closing your eyes will put your brain into rest mode. Enjoy your lunch break as a reward for doing nothing, like resting your brain and body all together, instead of watching a smartphone screen.

Modern people are overworking their bodies TOO MUCH in every way, even if unconsciously. Just surviving in this day and age is enough to keep your brain and body working hard. Let's enjoy our own off-mode by taking a little siesta in the skim time during the daytime. It is said to be an extremely hot season, but let's enjoy a little siesta and get over this summer in Japan!



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